Brandon Laitinen


Biographical Information:

Date of Birth: December 2, 1996
Forest Park High School, Woodbridge, VA
Email Address:

Contact Information:

Parents: John and Trish Laitinen
Email address:

6465 Colonial Village Loop, Manassas, VA 20112
Home: 703-878-8991
Cell: 571-237-9081


High School Academic Record:

Currently holds a 3.467 GPA


High School Courses Completed:

Pre-AP Biology, Pre-AP Chemistry
Algebra I, Geometry
Pre-AP World History, AP World History
Pre-AP English 9, Pre-AP English 10
iT Graphic Design, Computer Graphics
Spanish I, II, III
Health and Physical Education I, II


2013-2014 High School Courses:

Advanced Earth Science
Algebra II
AP US History
AP English 11
iT Computer Graphics II
Multimedia Software I
Economics and Finance

Extracurricular Activities and Achievements:

Member, Future Business Leaders of America, 2013-2014
Member, Forest Park High School Information Technology Program, 2011 – Present

Selected as the ‘Outstanding Information Technology Student of the Year’, 2011-2012

Gymnastics Achievements:

  • Currently training as a first year level 10 at Apollo Gymnastics Center in Woodbridge, VA. Coached by Jason Furr.

  • 2nd Place AA/L8– 2013 Virginia State Meet

  • 2nd Place AA/L8 – 2013 Region 7 Meet

  • 1st Place AA/L6 – 2011 Virginia State Meet

  • 1st Place AA/L6 – 2011 Region 7 Meet


Current/Competed Skills:

  • Floor: Round off, back handspring, full;  Round off, back handspring, double full; Front handspring, punch layout; Round off, back handspring layout; Front handspring, bounder, front layout

  • Pommel Horse: (3) Pommel circles to leg cut; Scissor cut into circles; Travel Down; Side Circles (3); (2-3) Loops to dismount

  • Rings: Pull-up to hang;  Pike to dislocate to back-up rise; Hold “L”; Press; Lower down to pike to kick out; Inlocate (2) to lay out dismount

  • Vault: Tsuk tuck

  • Parallel Bars: Kip, to muy, to upper arm; Front up-rise; Hold “L”; Press to handstand; Pirouette; Back off tuck dismount

  • High Bar: Stem rise, kip cast to giant; Half-turn; Giants to lower down; Back tuck dismount


Skills in Training:

  • Floor: Round off, back handspring double back (Tuck and Pike); Front handspring, punch layout, punch full; Round off, back handspring two and a half; Round off, Arabian

  • Pommel Horse: Front Moore; Flairs; Magyar, Sivado without pommels

  • Rings: Kip to “L”; Front giants; Back giants; Double-back dismount (Tuck)

  • Vault: Tsuk pike; Tsuk lay-out; Front handspring, front (Tuck and Pike); Tsuk half; Tsuk full; Yurchen:

  • Parallel Bars: Stutz; Giants; Double-back dismount (Tuck); Muy to support

  • High Bar: Double-back dismount (Tuck); Free-hip handstand; Inverted giants; Jam; Stalter; Endo


Training Videos: Coming Soon


Competition Videos: Coming Soon