Welcome to Apollo Gymnastics!  We appreciate your interest in our gym! 
We are pleased to offer a variety of gymnastics and tumbling classes available for your child from toddlers to high schoolers!  
Do you home school?  We have day time classes as well! 
Please look below for class descriptions and registration information.   

Eight-Week Session
Registration fee: $10/per student
  Session Tuition for 1hr/week: $190

Each additional child receives a 10% discount!

Recreational Classes

Parent Tot: Ages 18 mos-3 1/2 years old. These classes are 45 minutes long and are catered to our young beginners, this class allows the parents to join in the fun with your toddler.  They learn the basics of gymnastics through stretching, building strength through the bar work on our preschool jungle gym, learning rolls on our obstacle course and jumping on everyone's favorite the tumble track!

Tiny Tots: Ages 3 1/2-4 1/2years old.  These big kids are now able to do gymnastics without mom and dad and are ready to go with a coach on their own! They will learn skills on all of our events as well as body control using the tumble track and trampolines.  We also build muscle by starting to use the ropes in the gym!

Hot Shots: Ages 4 1/2-5 years old.  This group works on all of our events to work on balance on the balance beam, strength on our preschool bars, parallel bars and rings, rolls, handstands, cartwheels and flexibility on floor, vaulting on the resi mat, climbing the rope and jumping on tumble track and trampoline. 

Super Stars:Girls ages 6-7 years old.  This a mix of beginners and experienced gymnasts.  They will work on the basic gymnastic skills learned in the beginner classes as well as work on harder skills as the class progresses.  

Gym Kids: Girls ages 8-11 years old.  This class is for beginners of these ages.  They will learn basics on all gymnastics apparatus as well as flexibility and strength training.  

Levels 1-3 and Advanced Rec: These classes require an evaluation to enter.  Level placement is based on consistency and form of those requirement skills for that level.  Please contact the gym for an evaluation of your gymnast. 

Boys classes: All boys classes are based on age.  The boys will learn basic skills on all boys apparatus and moved into the advanced class when appropriate. 
Tumbling 1: Tumbling for beginners.  This class is for those wanting to learn to tumble or to perfect their basics.  
Tumbling 2: This class is for those who have perfected all basic skills from tumbling 1 and are working on backhandspring.
Tumbling 3: This class is for those who have backhandsprings and roundoff backhandsprings alone and are starting to work flipping skills.

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    • Please contact Apollo Gymnastics with questions before registering.


Questions?  Contact Apollo Gymnastics at 703-580-9144.