Biographical Information:

Date of Birth: March 31,1998
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology,
Alexandria, VA
NCAA Eligibility ID: TBD
Email Address:

Contact Information:
Melanie and Tyree Jones;
5417 Fishers Hill Way
Haymarket, VA 20169
Home: 571-223-5985
Cell: 571-315-8989

High School Academic Record:
Currently holds 3.913 GPA
SAT: 2010/2400
ACT: Not taken yet


PSAT: 208/240 – 98th Percentile

SAT Subject Test: BIO M – 720/800

AP Exam: Biology – 5/5

Courses Completed -
Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II/Trig
Design & Technology

Foundations of Computer Science

Health & PE I, II
Honors Biology, AP Biology

Honors Chemistry
Honors English 9, 10

Honors World History II
Spanish I, II, III

Courses Taking -
AP Computer Science & Data Structures

AP US History

Economics and Personal Finance

Graphic Design I

Honors English 11

Honors Pre-Calculus

Honors Physics

(Post-AP) Law and Society

(Post-AP) Neurobiology

Studio Art I

Extracurricular Activities -
• Part-time coach at Apollo Gymnastics

• TJinspire – Outreach and mentoring program geared towards elementary school students interested in STEM fields

• Jack and Jill – Family organization dedicated to strengthening children through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving, and civic duty

• Organized Winter Clothes Drive – Collected 60 lbs. of clothes for donating in one-week period

• 2013-2015 Secretary, Black Student Union
• 2012-2015 Member, Swing Dance Club
• 2013-2015 Member, Hispanic Alliance Club
• 2013-2014 Member, It's Academic
• 2012-2015 Member, Model United Nations

• 2014-2015 Member, Student Diversity Initiative
• 2014-2015 Member, International Key Club


Academic Achievements

• 2014 National Spanish Exam – 98th Percentile

• 2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Silver Key Award Recipient

• USA Gymnastics Academic All-American (First Team), 2012-2014

Gymnastics Achievements:
Currently competing as a first year Level 10 Gymnast and training at Apollo Gymnastics in Woodbridge, VA. Coached by Jason Furr
- 2013-2014 Team Captain, Apollo Senior Boys Team
- 1st FX - 2013 Virginia State Championships
- 1st FX, 2nd AA - 2013 Region VII Chanpionships

- 2nd VT, 6th HB, 9th FX, - 2015 Blackjack Invitational


Current/Completed Skills -
Floor -
FHS, Bounder, Double Front Tuck. RO, BHS, Arabian Double Tuck. RO, Layout 1 ½, Layout Full. RO, Tucked Arabian, Bounder, Shushunova. Split Press to Handstand. FHS, Layout Double Full, Layout. RO, Whip, BHS, Layout Double Full.

Pommels -
Circles (2), Buckeye, Loops (2), Cut-In, Leg Cuts, Scissor (2), Pick-Up, Circles (2), Front Moore, Circles (2), Right Side Travel, Side Circles (2), ¼ Turn, Loop, Schwabenflank Dismount

Rings -
Slow Inlocate to Hang, Inlocate, Back Uprise Straddle Planche, Deltchev, Bail, Back Uprise to Straddle-L, Straddle Planche, L, Straddle Press to Handstand, Giant, Double Back Tuck Dismount.

Vault -
Yurchenko Layout 1 ½. Tsuk Layout


P Bars -
Kip to L, Press to Handstand, Stutz, Peach to Upper Arms, Back Uprise Straddle Cut, Pirouette, Carballo 2, Moy to Support, Pirouette, Front Uprise, Swing Handstand, Double Back Tuck Dismount.

High Bar -
Back Uprise to Handstand, Stalder, Giant, Blind Change, Front Giant, Jam to Handstand, 2 Inverted Giants, Layout Jaeger, Kip, Cast ½ to Handstand, 2 Giants, Tucked Half-In Half-Out Dismount

Skills in Training -
Floor -
FHS, Layout, Double Front Tuck

RO, BHS, Arabian Double Pike

FHS, Layout Double Full, Layout Rudi

RO, BHS, Double Layout

RO, BHS, Layout 2 ½, Layout

FHS, Layout Full, Layout Randi

RO, Whip, BHS, Layout 2 ½ (Dismount)

Pommels -                                                                                                                                                        

Side Circle to Handstand Dismount




Back Moore


Double Scissor ½


Rings -
Front Giant
Tucked Yamawaki


Tucked Half-In Half-Out

Vault -
Yurchenko Layout Double Full

Yurchenko Layout 2 ½
Yurchenko 1/2-On, Layout Barani
Tsuk Layout Full

P Bars -


Shoot Up with ¼ to Handstand

Front Uprise, Double Front Tuck


Front Uprise, Front Straddle 5/4


Peach Handstand

High Bar –
Endo ½ to Handstand Mount

Endo Full to El-Grip Mount

Full to El-Grip

Stalder Blind Change

Zou Li Min

Double Layout Dismount

Layout Half-In Half-Out Dismount

Training Videos -

Competition Videos -

Connor Jones