Shawn Phillips



Shawn Phillips has been a member of the Apollo Gym since July 2011 with his wife Cheryl and gymnasts on each of the boys and girls teams.  Shawn was a gymnast from age 12-18 years old (6 years) and competed on all six events.  Shawn was a member of his high school boy’s gymnastics team that won the Men’s Gymnastics State Championship in New Jersey.  Shawn also participated in a private gymnastics club for 4 years while competing with his high school team.  He taught gymnastics for two years at the beginner level to kids ages 5-11.  Prior to and after gymnastics, Shawn was 1 and 3 meter spring board diver from age 5-21 years old and coached diving for 2 years.  He dove at the collegiate level for the University of Maryland College Park diving on the 1 and 3 meter boards, earning 2 varsity letters and a scholarship.  Shawn assisted teaching gymnastics to both his high school and college cheerleader teams.   Shawn retired from the Army in 2010 as an infantry officer and remains physically active participating in adventure races, mountain biking, running, and swimming.  His favorite gymnastics events are floor and high bar.